Midnight Memories Posters → Better Than Words

Midnight Memories Posters → Better Than Words

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Sebastian Stan photographed by Seth Howard

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I look around, there’s baby pictures of me everywhere. - Sheng Wang (x)

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"Rather than accepted, female bisexuality is “encouraged” on the sole grounds that it be palatable to straight men. Bisexual women are presented in hyper-sexualized contexts, as sexual objects for the hegemonic straight male gaze, while directly or covertly appealing to a quasi-pornographic fantasy of a (two females and one male) threesome, and while also reassuring us that these women are not really bisexual, but are simply behaving so for the satisfaction of the presumed male spectator."

— Shiri Eisner, Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution, p.159  (via demersi)

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Castrophiaby Chad Wyschadwys.com / chadwys.tumblr.com

by Chad Wys
chadwys.com / chadwys.tumblr.com

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